Recent Events

Ground Station Antenna Installation, Feb. 2023

With help from Facilities Administration at OSU (thanks to Patrick Wheeler and Billy Nash especially), the OK Space Sat team finally got our ground station antenna derrick installed on the roof of the Central Dining Services building on the OSU campus.  Now we're working on installing the actual Yagi antenna array and snaking the cables down to our electrical receiving station inside.   We are very excited to be receiving CubeSat radio transmissions in the near future!


Hybrid Lunar Communication Architecture (LunarCom)-Connecting the earth and moon

NASA has awarded Oklahoma State University a $1,132,492 grant to develop next generation, space-based communication systems with a team from Oklahoma’s three largest research universities. 

Oklahoma State University - Electrical and Computer Engineering 2020 Newsletter Feature

A team of ECE faculty members collaborating with researchers from the Oklahoma Space Grant Consortium, OSU Unmanned Systems Research Institute, the University of Oklahoma, the University of Tulsa, and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, have secured a $1,132,492 grant from NASA to develop next generation, space-based communication systems. 

2020 NASA EPSCOR Research Submitted Proposals Abstracts 

A space communication network suitable for planned lunar missions requires a new architectural paradigm that is dynamic, scalable, and capable of supporting diverse mission types at unprecedented communication speed with high reliability, continuous coverage, and minimum latency


Duke Schaffner, Peter LoPresti, Hazem Refai, "External sensor arrays for assisting pointing, tracking and acquisition in FSO communication," Proc. SPIE 11834, Laser Communication and Propagation through the Atmosphere and Oceans X, 118340B    (1 August 2021);